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Guestbook for 33. Guestbook & Feedback
Rebecca Sergeant(non-registered)
Vicki designed a fab cover up for me to celebrate my husbands and I's Bow Renewal this year. Vicki was very patient with my suggestions for tweaking the design! Am loving my new tattoo and am already booked in for my next one!
I am so lucky to have a tattoo designed by Vicki for my Mum who has passed away. She has designed it perfectly for all the different things my Mum loved and meant to her. I am absolutely in love with it, I now have 4 but this if my favourite and I was so shocked as it healed in about a week and it’s 5 times the size of one on my wrist which took about 3 weeks! I can’t wait to have another one now and I will only ever go to Vicki and I have already recommended her to friends and family. are amazing and I thank you for starting your tattoo experience ❤️ I wish you all the success in your business xxxx
Im fortunate enough to be able to say that Vicki is one of my best friends, but even more fortunately for me she also happens to be the most ridiculously talented creative mind that I have ever known. She is full of exciting new ideas and totally overflowing with utter brilliance. She is the most awesome photographer ever. I have had the most brilliant creative experiences alongside Vicki, being involved in her photography. Times I will never forget. One time, with the help of another photographer she coloured my whole body in for an image. She has produced and given me the most amazing artwork that I get to keep and look back on when I’m old and nuts, unless I lose it of course. However, now that she has become the most awesome tattooist ever I get to have her draw her brilliance on me permanently, which of course I will never lose. Vicki isn’t your standard tattooist, you don’t have to go to a scummy parlour where you are publicly tattooed alongside Gary and Dave who are getting hate on their knuckles and a bird with big boobage on their forearms whilst drinking from a can of Stella. Vicki provides a clean calm environment where you are seen on a one to one basis, with some tunes and a cuppa. She’s very gentle, she explains everything she’s doing and she’s passionate about what she does. You may think I’m biased because she’s my friend but the fact is plain and simple, she’s just way fresher, keener, more accurate, more focused and sharper (in the best way) than any other tattooist I have ever been to previously. Go see for yourself what this woman can do with those vegan inks!! :-)
Monika Sorensen(non-registered)
I am so pleased and proud to say that I already have two fantastic ink arts from Vicki, another booked and without doubt a lot more to come!!
I love that she designs a unique piece of art just for you, and I'm proud to say I also now own one of the original designs she drew for me, my sunflower.
Vicki makes you feel very welcome and relaxed.
I very highly recommended this fantastic lady....
Definitely a name to watch out for in the ink world....!! Xx
Michelle Black(non-registered)
I have been lucky enough to have Vicki tattoo me 3 times now, her attention to detail is absolutely incredible, I would throughly recommend her services to any one looking for a bespoke tattoo. He studio offers a very chilled vibe and Vicki makes the whole appointment a wonderful experience.