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January 08, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

WELL! What a year 2019 was!

There's was very little in the way of creative portrait photography in 2019 from me, instead I was learning to paint, revising my drawing skills and technical freehand skills in preparation for something I have always wanted to do.

And then there was body painting - what's was that all about eh? To build my confidence touching people and drawing on people (thank you for helping me so much with this Rosie!) And then there was woodburning - why you ask? ...To get used to using a hand tool to create art.

2019 was an interesting year for me retraining my mind in preparation for a new career, after all I'm a middle aged menopausal woman battling with my thyroid... so I must need my mind reading, thinking about starting a new career at my time of life, Right?

Ever since I first started producing my creative portraiture people have said to me 'Ooh! I'd love that as a Tattoo!' Every time I do a piece of art, or a doodle someone says 'Ooh I'd love that as a Tattoo!' Fact is I've been designing tattoos for people for most of my life, i've just never learnt how to apply them with a tattoo machine.

Anywayzzz - long and short of it is - I've always wanted to learn to tattoo.
It's not something you can just do overnight so despite already having lots of qualifications and awards in different creative fields; I took a year out along side my photography to learn to tattoo, and perfect my creative skills.

I have had a fabulous tattoo artist mentor, to help me on my journey, and in October 2019, I completed some extra cool skills and techniques training, and a health and safety requirements training course, and was awarded the certificates I need to get me started at becoming a TATTOO ARTIST! 😁

During November and December of 2019 I was busy getting my tattoo room fitted out and set up to the required standards for it to be licsenced, and busy practising day and night for starting work as a tattoo artist in January 2020.

Well it's now January 2020 and I still have lots to learn, but I am pleased to report the tattoos are going well! I am fully booked for my first month and am really pleased with the designs I have been creating for people.

I know this is going to be an Epic, creative, exciting journey... and hopefully at some point, some of you may even be brave enough to let me create one of my pieces of art on you? 

I will be creating original designs for all my customers and will never tattoo the same design twice - so that everyone will wear their own piece of unique art. So if you have something you would like in mind - get in touch!

I will try to update my blog a little more often this year, and will update my tattoo gallery with available artwork and photos of designs I have done on a weekly basis.

Happy New Year to one and all - let's hope it's a good one!

Vicki x



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