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I am in the process of designing a special collection of animal tattoos, from photos of some of the beautiful creatures that currently reside at Paignton Zoo.

As many of you will be aware, after lockdown our favourite zoo is very much in need of funds to help towards the upkeep of their animals, so I wanted to do my bit.
I have been talking to the zoo, who have kindly supplied me with some photographs, as well as using my own photographs to start creating some unique images, and in a few days time I will be going to the opening day at the zoo to photograph some more. So if you dont see an animal that you would like to have as a tattoo - you can message me, and I will add it to my list of animals to photograph when I go!

All of the designs I am creating can be in the arty style I have created, but can also be simple line drawings with no shading, colour or black and white - and all images can be created in a range of sizes to fit different areas of the body and to suit all budgets. Multiple tattoos can also be integrated, for anyone looking for more advanced designs to cover whole legs, full backs, sleeves etc....

Please view the images created in the ZOO GALLERY - by clicking here!


So if you think you would like an animal tattoo, which features an actual animal from the zoo, with a name, and a back story - as well as making money to save our ZOO, please please get in touch!!!!

And if you are not a tattoo person, maybe think about buying an annual pass for the zoo? Imagine Torbay without Paignton Zoo? It doesn't bare thinking about! Now is the time to HELP!

Passes can be purchased by visiting the PAIGNTON ZOO WEBSITE, by clicking here

Thank you

Vicki x


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Win a Tattoo for you and a Friend! For your chance to win a tattoo for you and a friend, simply head over to my Facebook business page at: or click here!

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Vicki Boulter - Tattoo Artist WELL! What a year 2019 was!

There's was very little in the way of creative portrait photography in 2019 from me, instead I was learning to paint, revising my drawing skills and technical freehand skills in preparation for something I have always wanted to do.

And then there was body painting - what's was that all about eh? To build my confidence touching people and drawing on people (thank you for helping me so much with this Rosie!) And then there was woodburning - why you ask? ...To get used to using a hand tool to create art.

2019 was an interesting year for me retraining my mind in preparation for a new career, after all I'm a middle aged menopausal woman battling with my thyroid... so I must need my mind reading, thinking about starting a new career at my time of life, Right?

Ever since I first started producing my creative portraiture people have said to me 'Ooh! I'd love that as a Tattoo!' Every time I do a piece of art, or a doodle someone says 'Ooh I'd love that as a Tattoo!' Fact is I've been designing tattoos for people for most of my life, i've just never learnt how to apply them with a tattoo machine.

Anywayzzz - long and short of it is - I've always wanted to learn to tattoo.
It's not something you can just do overnight so despite already having lots of qualifications and awards in different creative fields; I took a year out along side my photography to learn to tattoo, and perfect my creative skills.

I have had a fabulous tattoo artist mentor, to help me on my journey, and in October 2019, I completed some extra cool skills and techniques training, and a health and safety requirements training course, and was awarded the certificates I need to get me started at becoming a TATTOO ARTIST! 😁

During November and December of 2019 I was busy getting my tattoo room fitted out and set up to the required standards for it to be licsenced, and busy practising day and night for starting work as a tattoo artist in January 2020.

Well it's now January 2020 and I still have lots to learn, but I am pleased to report the tattoos are going well! I am fully booked for my first month and am really pleased with the designs I have been creating for people.

I know this is going to be an Epic, creative, exciting journey... and hopefully at some point, some of you may even be brave enough to let me create one of my pieces of art on you? 

I will be creating original designs for all my customers and will never tattoo the same design twice - so that everyone will wear their own piece of unique art. So if you have something you would like in mind - get in touch!

I will try to update my blog a little more often this year, and will update my tattoo gallery with available artwork and photos of designs I have done on a weekly basis.

Happy New Year to one and all - let's hope it's a good one!

Vicki x


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Old Boot! I found a pair of boots whilst having a clear out the other day. Leather Dr Martens which are pretty battered and warn from my college days - didn't have the heart to throw them out.

So I decided seeing as I have been learning to paint, I'd give it a go customising my boots!

I had a practise first on a little pair of kids boots I bought from Trago Mills for £3, which turned out pretty well. I purchased various leather paints and treatments and set to work. Fairly pleased with them! (See below).

I have since had enquiries from people wishing for me to 'Upstyle' shoes and boots belonging to them, which they love dearly but do not have the heart to throw away. Why buy a new pair of boots, when you can inject some life in to your old ones as well as save some money at the same time!

If you have a much loved pair of shoes you would like me to Upstyle - get in touch for a quote!

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I am delighted to be able to confirm I have been signed with The Big Red Illustration Agency.

They not only represent a fabulous collection of some of the best illustrators in the industry today, but also have a diverse range of clients from book publishers to manufacturers and well known brand names. If you would like to take a look please click the logo above. My portfolio is listed in the Fashion & Beauty Gallery.

I look forward to working with TBRIA in the future - watch this space!


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A New Path - by VLB Serenity - Oil on Canvas

I have a huge appetite for all things creative, and am constantly experimenting with mediums, or roping my beautiful (and patient) friends in to some project or another.

When I was young I wanted to draw, and spent hours and hours doodling and sketching fashion designs - with the dream of being the next big thing in the fashion industry.

When I turned 18 I decided I wanted to create commercial art and sell my creativity, and so went on to study Graphic Design for a few years. Not content with this, and wanting to capture much more realistic images I studied photography and ended up leaving my job as a Graphic Designer to be a Photographer. Not content with that I decided just stopping at a photo wasn't enough for me, I wanted to take my portraiture to an entirely new level and so introduced my design skills in to my Photography in Photoshop to create artistic digital portraiture. I have spent the last 10 years perfecting this, I make my income from it, and out of all the things I have taught myself, it is the thing I love to do most.

However, this year I am going through another one of those transition stages, on a new path... Not content with stopping there, not content with creating a digital image, I now want to be able to create the same type of images I have been perfecting for many years - but with my own hands. I guess you could say I have gone full circle to when I first started creating images as a child, but this time I have a little more understanding of lighting, composition, values and what makes a good image.

On the first of January I set myself a challenge - one year to learn how to paint. And so I did my first painting. I have been creating one a week since then and have completely fallen in love with using oil paints. I'm not very good, but I am passionate and willing to learn and this stubborn old bird wont give up! I wont stop learning, after this it will probably be something else...

I've tried all sorts of styles over the past few months from abstract to black and which realism, and I have spent hours learning about different techniques used by a wide range of artists from Picasso to Rembrandt, in the hope that I will find a style of my own and a work flow that sits well with me. So far it hasn't happened, I have been hunting for the Vicki style - and as yet - nothing.

Yesterday however I realised that I have been looking for something which has been staring me in the face all along! When I create my digital portraits, I start with sketches and then create what I come up with in Photoshop. So why not just do my sketches straight on to a canvas? Skip the digital image bit, and just paint it. 

Serenity is my first Creative Oil Portrait Painting which I have created in the style of my Digital Portraiture.... but using my hands and a brush! My muse in this creation is Alana one of my favourite models who I have been photographing for many years.

I'm pleased with it - it feels like something VLB would create - technically it's not a great painting, but it is a great starting point for me to start exploring my imagination through painting. And developing my own style.

...we shall see!

To see my painting progress please click here!



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Best Of The Best Photographers 2018 I have been a member of One Eyeland now for many years now and have admired from a distance, the work of many of my favourite photographers.

Last year I made it my own personal goal to make it in to the top 10 ranked photographers in the UK, and top 25 Photographers in the world with One Eyeland.... and, well I did it! With over 100,000 active members and with many of the best creative photographers and agencies from all over the world signed up with them - this was a big challenge to set myself.

Yesterday in the post I received my copy of the Best of the Best Photographers 2018 book. What a stunning publication - and I am in it!

To see my images standing along side some of the most talented photographers in the world is truly humbling. I feel very grateful to One Eyeland for inspiring me so much over the years to develop my style, giving me a much needed kick up the arse to work hard and finally make it in to their beautiful publication. I have two photographs featured which were both taken at our Circus 2018 shoot which was featured in the Nikon Camera Manual also last year. The shoot took place in the lucky number 7 club and the amazing props were supplied by the Prop Factory - both based here in Devon.

Soooo...... at the moment, whilst I am writing this blog, I am currently ranked 5th in the UK at One Eyeland. Not bad for a mum of two from Torquay! 

Thank you to One Eyeland for my beautiful book. I will treasure it forever and ever - it is a great reminder to me of all the hard work I have put in, and that I can reach any of my goals with a bit of elbow grease, and the support and encouragement of my family and friends :)


Vicki-Lea BoulterBest of the Best Photographers 2018  

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Frequency Separation Made Easy I've been speaking quite a lot recently at Photography and Camera Clubs, and one of the things I am asked all the time is to demonstrate an easy way to do Frequency Separation in Photoshop. So I have put together an easy guide Youtube tutorial on how to do this. This is an easy to follow demonstration of the process and formula required to separate your colours and textures out. As like anything thing in Photoshop, there are many ways to do a Frequency Separation, but this is just one of the easier ways I know which may help you if you wish to give it a go!

Happy Editing!



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Welcome! Welcome to my new blog!

I have so many exciting things on the go in 2019, and many creative projects happening; so I thought it might be a good time to start blogging. 

I am aware that I have been driving my friends crazy with all the things I have been up to, by posting on my Facebook profile - so this is a slightly more dignified way of sharing my news without ramming it down everyone's throats!

My intentions are to use it as a way of sharing some of the behind the scenes pictures and time lapse clips of my work, and to report on any new exciting developments I have to tell you... but also a way to create an online diary of career developments and just to chat about things that have grasped my attention in the world of creativity.

Anyway, looking forward to see how this develops, please subscribe - and I looking forward to sharing my blog posts with you...



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