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August 09, 2017


In 2017/2018 I will be travelling the UK holding workshops, and speaking about creative photography and art to students and photographers of all levels of expertise. Showing people how Photoshop can be used as a creative medium, and to form a career, and not just as a tool to make models look thinner! (This is not what it was created for!)

Starting in October 2017 I will be doing talks and workshops in schools though out the UK for art students interesting in seeing how artistic portraiture is created, and discussing ways that images of people can be created without the subject having to look like a super model. This workshop hasbeen rolled out to Photographic Societies over the last 2 years and proved so successful I have decided to now travel the uk visiting schools, colleges and Universities with it.  The talk includes a presentation, demonstrations and free gifts for the students from my sponsor Permajet. If this is something you think your students might benefit from please get in touch.

As well as this, I am now offering students the opportunity to learn Photoshop, please see the attached flyer. There is a discount for students who have been referred to me by their school - so I would be grateful if you could pass this offer on to your schools and colleges.

If there is a certain aspect of Photoshop you are keen to learn your lesson can be adapted to this.



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