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Learn to edit Animals!

April 30, 2017

Learn To Edit Animals!


To book please contact Vicki to discuss dates: or 07921997586

Skill Level: Basic to Intermediate


Do you love taking Photographs of animals? Do you like editing pictures on your computer but just can't get your head around Photoshop? Would you like to learn some mixed medium techniques to create fabulous animal art? Or maybe you enjoy Photography or Art as a hobby and would love to learn how to finish off your creations like the professionals do?

Why not join me Vicki-Lea Boulter, for a day of creating, learning, and plenty of fun. This workshop is aimed at people who have a basic knowledge of Photoshop, students studying photography or art and people who generally just have an interest in all things creative! Together you will learn photoshop skills, some great creative skills using a variety of medium and how to transform your pictures in to images you have always wanted to create!

Learn all the basics you need to know in Photoshop from one of the UK's leading digital artists, and how to apply them to your own animal images.

Workshop Details:

9am: Welcome, Refreshments and a trip to the zoo!

10am: Get creative! Vicki will take you to the local zoo to get some great animal images for you to edit when you return to the office.

12 noon: Lunch provided at local eatery.

1.30pm: Using the photographs taken in the morning, Vicki will give you step by step lessons on how to use Photoshop, making you familiar with all the basic tools and skills required to create stunning 'unique' animal portraits and works of art.

4pm: Print your creation - using Fine Art papers supplied by Vicki's sponsor Permajet, print your creation and see the end result of an enjoyable and rewarding days learning.


What you will need:

Laptop - Please remember to also to bring a mouse or tablet too!

Photoshop - Please make sure that your laptop has a working edition of Photoshop fully installed on it. This can be any version of Photoshop including Photoshop Elements. Free wifi is provided.

(A PC is available for those who do not have a laptop, and an Olympus OMD camera is also available for those who do not have a camera of their own - please let Vicki know if these are required).



Booking Details:

Fee: £195

Offer: Book before the 5th of May and pay only £150!

Accommodation available at additional fee, please inquire.


Course sponsored by PERMAJET


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